Reduce the administration efforts in your business

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Data-rich payment reports

Reduce admin tasks in your business with our data-rich payment reports. Reports can be downloaded in the Reports Area in the Self Service Tool – manually or automatically. Available formats: PDF, XLS, CSV, XML. Some reports can be received via email as well.


  • Transparency over your payment data

  • Data ready to use for accounting and controlling purposes

  • Take actions on transactions or customers where fraudulent pattern was reported

We also provide custom reports to your specific requirements

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Reconciliation Reports include:

  • Summary file with aggregated information on transactions processed by us within a given period
  • Detail file with detailed information for each transaction

Settlement Reports include:

  • Summary file with aggregated information on transactions settled to your merchant account
  • Detail file with detailed information for each transactionTo give you an overview of all activities, we will collect all settlement reports in a regular monthly settlement report.