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Effective and robust payment risk platform

We can help you to ensure your website is a secure place to do business with as many as 80 risk checks available – depending on the needs of your company. With our payment risk platform, combatting fraud and keeping chargebacks to a minimum is simple and will help you reduce costs that come with it.

How we do it?

Unique payment risk scoring platform – Using our in-house tool, we automatically pass every transaction you make through a range of checks to verify if it matches any fraudulent patterns. In addition, we use the powerful Cybersource Decision Manager with device fingerprint.

Risk checks – Our risk rule engine combines the value of different events and may block a transaction in the event that different risk indicators appear at the same time.

3DSecure – To protect against fraudulent card payments, our payment risk scoring platform redirects customers to the card issuing bank’s website where they are asked for a password. We then notify you when a 3DSecure transaction has been authenticated.

Key Benefits:

  • Chargebacks reduced to a minimum

  • Administrative effort reduced to a minimum

  • Risk assessment workshops

  • Prevent long-term customers to be adversely affected

Let us help you make your payments secure!

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